The Sting of the Hawke

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The Sting of the Hawke

Post by SamHalpern » Thu Jan 15, 2015 7:29 pm

Dear friends:

Mark Chirnside and I are happy to announce the availability of a new book that we wrote dealing with the collision between HMS Hawke and RMS Olympic in the Solent back in 1911. It is called, The Sting of the Hawke: Collision in the Solent, and can be purchased directly at:

For the first time, the circumstances leading up to the collision that took place on 20 September 1911 is objectively analyzed and presented, including what happened the moments before and immediately after the collision, and the conflicting claims made by both sides. We also look at the role of adverse hydrodynamic interaction and the contributory circumstances leading up to a situation that caught both sides by surprise.

More details about the book and can be found on my website at:,
and also on Mark Chirnside’s Reception Room site at:
We also have created a preview page here: ... review.htm.

Best regards,

Sam Halpern

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